Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Years Resolutions

I normally don't like this time of year. I don't like the pressure of starting new habits or diets or practices all while recovering from the exhaustion and the food comas of Christmas. 

This year, I feel differently. Sam asked me what my theme would be this year. I have decided this year will be the start of living the life I want to lead. We talk about growing a really good garden, going on adventures, eating well, and losing weight, but we barely do any of it. Whenever I put in the extra effort to make something happen, I thank myself for it later. 

Maybe that's a side effect of waiting so long to get married. We lived a long time in the "Well, when I get married... *then* I'll do (or be) __________". And we got especially comfortable in that mentality because we had "When my mom isn't dying...." or "When we are past this first year of marriage...."  And then we moved on to "When we have kids...."  But now that Sam is in his thirties, and I'm almost thirty myself, we realize we can't keep saying that forever. Eventually it will be "I can't get around without a wheelchair or a lot of pain...."  So, now is the time. We need to live our life. We can't assume it will be better or easier around the next corner.